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    First day of school.

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    First day of school.

    Post by minininja on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:49 am

    Whisper entered into the class room late. She was new to the city of Okinawa and certainly didn't know her way around the school. Her long black hair with purple highlights fell around her as her Jade green eyes scanned for an empty seat as the teacher began to introduce her. "Ah your here Whisper. Did you find the class alright?" Whisper turned and looked at him before she spoke softly. "I managed to get lost a time or two but I found it. " Her face turned slightly pink from her light blushing. "Class this is whisper she is new to Okinawa and she is new to the school please make yourself comfortable and find an empty seat" The teacher smiled at her before she began walking to the back of the class finding an empty seat. She sat down opening her notebook and began listening to the history lesson. She thought to herself " I hope I can make some friends her unlike the last place I lived.'' 45 mins had past and the teacher began to pass out worksheets for homework. When he got to whisper he made sure she didn't mind doing the worksheet. He assured her that if she didn't do well on it it would not count towards her grade. "Thank you." She replied.

    She gathered her books and her bag before she began walking out of the classroom and looked at her schedule... "Room 17... now where could that be. " She hated being the new kid... it seemed everytime she got comfortable with a school she had to move.


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