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    How to Submit a Fanfic?



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    How to Submit a Fanfic?

    Post by Admin on Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:55 pm

    To submit a Fanfic! you need to follow this format

    1. Start by starting a new topic

    2.Title it as , the title of your work.

    3. Use brackets to show what type of fanfic your work is , (original) or a (Based on Anime) fanfic.

    4. On the top , Write "Chapter (#) - title of the chapter"

    You are allowed to make a short brief intro, about your chapter (optional)
    You are allowed to post a few pictures at the bottom or top of your work (optional)

    Example: title of work - "Happy one"
    title of the topic - Happy one (original)

    on the top of his work it says:

    Chapter 1 - Happy one

    pictures, intro ....etc

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