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    CG - Official Meeting 4

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    Sergeant Major Animelogist

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    CG - Official Meeting 4

    Post by zero on Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:06 am

    Hey guys, so I havent stayed up to date with this club im sorry guys. But here I am making a meeting happen! So as you all may know that there has been talk about a third season called R3 , well they are saying that Zero has came back and They really didnt kill him.. that it was just a way for them to get japan under control again. That all the news that we have for Code Geass so far, there have been some posters saying that its confirmed there will be a third season but there`s some people who are saying its a rumor. Any way if any one knows anything about R3 then let us know in this Thread. So this Thread will be all about character wallpapers post character wallpapers of your favorite Code Geass Anime Character.


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