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  2. aimi-dno
  3. Dai-Li
    Humor : Earth beats Air Bender :D
    Rank: Pirvate Second Class Animelogist
  4. Daiguren~Hyorinmaro
  5. emoangel_09_2010
  6. Fruitypop28
    Humor : innocent and naughty all at the same time ><
    Usergroups: Code Geass Club
    Rank: Pirvite First Class Animelogist
  7. gaara`s land
  8. ghostintheshell
  9. Hibari_Taicho
  10. IHeartMusic
    Humor : Meaning what kind of humor I like? All kinds except the really mean pickin on people kind. w/e its called
    Usergroups: Code Geass Club
    Rank: Class D Animelogist



Rank: Sergeant Major Animelogist
Sergeant Major Animelogist

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